Azure DevOp Pipelines- Add a testing widget to your Dashboard

Andy and Mara are excited to show Amita the progress they’ve made. They’ve already set up a dashboard. Now they can monitor pull requests and visualize the health of their builds.

In this unit, you add a widget to your dashboard to help visualize your test runs over time.

Amita takes a look and is excited.

Amita: This is great progress. Thank you! Not to sound ungrateful, but is there any way I can see just a brief overview of the test results over time?

Mara: Yes! Microsoft Azure DevOps lets you add widgets to your dashboards. It only takes a few minutes. Let me show you.


Add the widget to the dashboard

  1. In your Azure DevOps project, select Overview, and then select Dashboards.
    Note If you ran the template to create the Azure DevOps project, you won't see the dashboard widgets you set up in previous modules.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. In the Add Widget pane, search for Test Results Trend.
  4. Drag Test Results Trend to the canvas.
  5. Select the gear icon to configure the widget.a. Under Build pipeline, select your pipeline.

    b. Keep the other default settings.

  6. Select Save.
  7. Select Done Editing.

Although the website builders widget displays only one test run, you now have a way to visualize and track test runs over time. Here’s an example that shows a few successful test runs.

Azure DevOp widget

If you begin to see test failures, you can click a point on the graph to navigate directly to that build.

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