Start End-to-End Encrypted BackUp on WhatsApp

Facebook launches end-to-end encrypted backup services on WhatsApp for iOS and Android platforms. For a long time, WhatsApp users have been providing ‘end-to-end encryption’ services only for message exchange. Now you will get the same benefit in data backup.
WhatsApp data could be kept as backup in advance on iCloud or Google Drive. However, the main institutions of the backup platforms were finally obliged to hand over customer data to them if the government or law enforcement force wanted. That situation is changing due to encrypted backup facilities.
WhatsApp encrypted backup service has been launched from Thursday, Users can keep cloud backup safe with password or 64 bit encryption.
That is, considering from theoretical point of view, the country’s government, law enforcement or any third party can’t recover the money even if they get the data kept as a backup in the cloud, unless the user himself gives them access to the backup by handing over the encryption.

How to start encrypted backup

First go to WhatsApp settings. From there press chats > chat backup > end-to-end encrypted backup. Next, if you press ‘Continue’, what will the app ask to create password or encryption. Then give WhatsApp time to create your data encrypted backup by pressing ‘right’.
Here’s the thing to look out for is the password of encrypted backup or what the user will lose that backup forever. Isn’t it possible for WhatsApp to recover that backup or find the lost encryption.

How to stop encrypted backups

Gotta go back to app settings. From there press chats > chat backup > end-to-end encrypted backup. Then the app will ask for password. Then at the turn off pressure to make sure the user is trying to shut down the encrypted backup service.

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