ISPmanager web server control panel – which one to choose for site management?

isp manager

Today we want to analyze ISPmanager,  the panel for managing sites and servers – ISPmanager. The main advantages and versions of the panel.

What is ISPmanager?

ISPmanager 6 is a panel for deploying and managing web hosting services. It installs all the software necessary for the operation of sites, mail, databases. As a result, users can run projects in a ready-made web environment and then manage them through a graphical interface, without a console.

ISPmanager is used by both beginners and experienced  webmasters. The panel is useful for web-developers, system administrators, site managers. It eliminates the need to manually administer the server.


ISPmanager Features

Support and management of web servers- Apache and Nginx can be deployed and configured directly from the panel, and further administration is easy.

Create mail domains and manage mailboxes- You can create a mail domain and mailbox, configure rules and limits, use spam and virus protection, connect the Roundcube web interface. Get the configuration file for email clients.

Database support and management- MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Percona Server, MongoDB (coming soon).


Create and manage sites- ISPmanager includes tools for easy work with sites at all stages: from installing a CMS to filling with content.

File management- The graphical file manager is able to download large amounts of data without dropping the connection. There is support for popular FTP servers.

Support for programming languages: You can add Python and Perl directly from the panel, without additional configuration of the repositories. It is possible to choose the version and mode of operation of the PHP interpreter for a particular site. In May 2022, support for the Node.js handler will be released.

Server and site protection: There are tools for backup, firewall settings, reflection of DDoS attacks (when connecting the DDoS-Guard module).


How to choose ISPmanager version

ISPmanager is presented in four versions. Three of them—Lite, Pro, and Host—are primarily for deploying and administering sites. As a rule, they are used on VPS or dedicated servers. Even providers can offer them as part of shared hosting. Licenses differ in the number of domains that can be managed. The fourth version – Business, is suitable for providers who want to organize virtual hosting and provide a panel to their customers. Let’s dwell on the differences in more detail.

ISPmanager Lite is convenient for freelancers and web studios that support a small number of projects. The version includes all the tools necessary for the developer: you can configure web servers, create sites, connect additional modules. The number of projects that can be managed through ISPmanager Lite is limited to 10 domains. At the same time, even a large team can work with the panel: the number of user accounts is not limited.

ISPmanager Pro does not differ from the Lite version in terms of technical capabilities – it also allows you to work with websites, create and maintain them. But unlike Lite, the Pro license supports up to 50 domains, which means it is suitable for more projects. Any number of employees can connect to the panel.

ISPmanager Host is suitable for those who want to work with the panel without restrictions on domains, for example, for fairly large web studios. The functionality of the Host version is similar to Lite and Pro.

ISPmanager Business
ISPmanager Business differs significantly from other versions and is intended for providers. The Business version provides the work of virtual hosting:

  • Manages the server cluster.
  • Allows you to configure reselling.
  • Allows you to limit RAM, CPU for users, so that the “neighbors” in the hosting do not interfere with each other.

ISPmanager Lite, Host, Pro and Business – the main differences

For web developers and site administrators. You can buy as part of shared hosting or install it yourself on VPS  or dedicated-servers:


Lite Pro Host
Up to 10 domains Up to 50 domains Unlimited number of domains
For one or more projects For the average number of projects To support a large number of sites

For providers and resellers:

Unlimited number of domains
For business organization with ISPmanager


Which ISPmanager to choose depends on your tasks and the number of projects you plan to manage. For those who want to create and maintain sites, Lite, Pro or Host licenses are suitable. To organize your hosting and reselling, use Business. You can find out the details and ask questions about ISP control panels on the developer’s website: