OpenAI releases “ChatGPT Plus”


OpenAI, the AI startup unicorn, is now monetizing its popular AI chatbot released in November by offering businesses a suite of services such as natural language processing and machine learning solutions.

OpenAI is monetizing its popular ChatGPT AI software by launching a new subscription plan called ChatGPT Plus that starts at $20 per month and provides users with faster response times and priority access to new features.

OpenAI recently released a free tool that is intended to identify automatically generated text, which has caused some controversy due to the potential use of AI to write homework assignments such as articles and essays. The effectiveness of this tool is yet to be determined.

ChatGPT will be free to use, but customers who pay for the Plus version will get priority access, faster response times, and early use of new features. The Plus version is currently only available in the US .

OpenAI will be inviting people from its waitlist to use its Plus platform in the coming months and plans to expand availability to additional countries and regions soon.

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