Reddit Enhances Search Functionality with New Media and Accessibility Features

Reddit announced a suite of improvements to its search capabilities in a blog post on 4 Oct Wednesday. The updates are aimed at making it easier for users to find media across Reddit as well as enhancing accessibility.

The media search updates introduce two new features. First, the search results page on Reddit’s iOS and Android apps now includes a dedicated “Media” tab where users can browse images and videos in one place. Similar to Google Image search, this consolidates different types of multimedia content.

Reddit searches can also now return media results scoped within individual subreddits. Users have the option to filter searches to only include picture or video posts from the subreddits they follow.

Accessibility is another focus of the search enhancements. According to the blog post, search results pages and comments are now fully compatible with screen readers. Reddit has added labels, roles, values and states to all page elements to improve discovery and interaction for visually impaired users. Screen reader users will now be able to hear available actions and search outcomes read aloud.

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In addition, Reddit simplified the main search results design and included new tabs for community and community search results. The updates are part of several changes Reddit has rolled out recently to enhance the platform experience for both logged in and anonymous users.


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