What is GitHub?


GitHub is a Software as a service (SaaS) platform from Microsoft that provides Git-based repositories and DevOps tooling for developing and deploying software.

It has a wide range of integrations with other leading tools.

What does GitHub provide?

GitHub provides a range of services for software development and deployment.

  • Codespaces: Provides a cloud-hosted development environment (based on Visual Studio Code) that can be operated from within a browser or external tools. Eases cross-platform development.
  • Repos: Public and private repositories based upon industry-standard Git commands.
  • Actions: Allows for the creation of automation workflows. These workflows can include environment variables and customized scripts.
  • Packages: The majority of the world’s open-source projects are already contained in GitHub repositories. GitHub makes it easy to integrate with this code and with other third-party offerings.
  • Security: Provides detailed code scanning and review features, including automated code review assignment.

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