why wordpress is so popular


“Almost 20% of the site on the Internet is powered by WordPress” Yes, you heard it right, it’s such a big number. There are more than 1.74 billion+ website on the Internet and 20% of it is just insane, that sums up like 3480000000+ websites use WordPress as their CMS.

If you are someone who is into Web development then you might be already aware of WordPress. If not, WordPress is one of the best CMS or Content Management System that is available on the planet. The flexibility and customization options are what that makes it different from all other leading CMS like Magneto, Drupal, Joomla, etc

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Talking about WordPress, there are two types of WordPress sites, the first one is WordPress.com websites and the other one is self-hosted WordPress with maximum features and customization options. Both WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress is 100% free but if you want more control over your website, I prefer using self-hosted WordPress.

Having said that WordPress is Free, but you need to pay for Hosting and Domain. I believe you are all aware of it already.

Coming to our main topic, Why so many websites are using WordPress and what’s special in them. Well, let’s check it out.

  • The first reason why a good number of web developers opt to go with WordPress is the insane customization options available. You can customize your website in every nook and corner without any restrictions and further increase the features by using WordPress plugins to extend the functionalities.
  • Easy to set up and maintenance is also simple as a cake piece. Installation is really simple and if your web host supports a Softaculous web installer then you can get WP installed in a single click.
  • Extend functionalities with the help of WordPress Plugins. The official repo of WordPress contains thousands of quality plugins that you can use for different purposes like showing ads, caching, SEO, Page builders and what not.

Even this website and famous sites like TechCrunch are made with WordPress and it’s such a great platform with great capabilities for all website owners out there. Whether you need a simple blog or a complex website for your business, WordPress got you covered!