What are the best hosting service provider standards ?

These are the most important standards for choosing the best hosting sites for WordPress or any  website projects

Best web hosting company standards

  1. Servers with uptime guarantee: The closer you get to 100%, the better. Any server stop will stop your site, lose your visitors and google ranking
  2. Good price with great free service:  Some companies reduce accommodation prices and reduce some free features and turn them into payment, so watch out for the trap of my visiting brother’s hosting company!
  3. Strong and collaborative technical support: “Support Services Good”: Without a doubt, excellent technical integration will solve your future problems.
  4. Technical specifications of the hosting plan“Best Plans for the Hosting”: Each hosting company has its own plan, so you have to compare them, in particular: bandwidth or data volume (bandwidth), disk storage space (dedicated to hard drive size), SSD type or hard drive; ram speed, unlimited number of electronic accounts, daily or weekly backups of all your websites, each hosting different plans, so it’s best to choose a host that meets your web needs.
  5. Free domain name “Free Domain”: dot com for at least one year.
  6. Transfer your sites to new host servers for free: they provide great security and ensure that your site is not compromised when you go from server to server.
  7. Servers locations: If most of your visitors come from America: Make sure the server location and data center are available in the United States. If most of your visitors are in the Arab world, it is best to choose the server location in Europe.
  8. types of hosting: There are free, shared, cloud-cloud, VPS and your own server
  9. Upgrade to Your Plan: Check if your host can update or reduce your hosting plan as needed.
  10. Easy control panel and attractive interface: like cPanel.
  11.  User Reviews: It is important to know whether this company is the best company or should we look at the opinion of the experimenterin in front of you.
  12. Renewal rates: When your subscription expires, the company will increase your subscription price, or keep it as it is. Therefore, the first discount will be for you to eat the taste of your ignorance.
  13. The number of sites they are allowed: The higher the number, the better, especially for strong plans.
  14. Money back guarantee: You can subscribe to a company or plan, which you find wrong and want to exclude. The longer the recovery period, the better.

In our estimation we will help you as much as possible choose the cheapest and best plans,And we will give the best company at the cheapest price.

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When purchasing a host, you may not look at the cheapest hosting without regard to the quality of their services, so you can buy the best WordPress hosting in addition to buying the cheapest hosting together.