3 Best WooCommerce Plugins for 2022

The time to grow your WooCommerce store is now – here’s what you need

Got big plans for your store in 2022?  Whether you’ve just set up shop or have been selling for years, we’ve got the tools to help you thrive. There’s no better time than now!


Eway  – WooCommerce Payment Gateway Plugin

Tired of redirecting customers to a third-party site to pay you? Use Eway to


accept cards and subscriptions directly on your store. Trusted by 28,000+ businesses in AU, NZ, and Asia, Eway is PCI-compliant with robust fraud protection tools to boot.




Biometric Login – WooCommerce login Plugin


bio login
                                           bio login

How hackable is your store? Upgrade security for you and your customers with biometric logins. Don’t sweat forgotten passwords – swiftly log into your site using advanced fingerprint recognition or USD authentication.


SMS for WooCommerce – SMS plugin

sms woo
                                       SMS WooCommerce

Your customers don’t always have time to trawl through their emails for updates. Reach them wherever they are — text order notifications, appointment reminders, and delivery notifications directly to their mobile phone.


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