Business Email Domain – Get a Professional Email Address

Get a Professional Email Address


A professional e-mail address shows you are serious. By creating an [email protected] email address, you can generate more sales. Setting up a new email address for you and your employees is very easy.

What Are the Benefits of a Professional Email Address?

An email address consists of four parts: name, @ symbol, domain name and domain suffix. Based on the e-mail address and subject, the recipient decides whether the message is considered legitimate and opened – or whether it ends up in the spam folder. With a reputable e-mail address, you signal much more professionalism and can thus also increase your sales.

With the free mail offers, the desired name must be available. But this is becoming increasingly difficult with domains such as or In addition, the service is usually financed by advertisements.

With your own business email address, you enjoy clear benefits:

  • Assign the names as you wish.
  • Find a suitable domain name.
  • Stop seeing ads.
  • Use practical additional functions.


For professional purposes, it makes sense to use the company name and/or service for the domain name. If Max would like to use a professional e-mail address for his nursery and for communication with suppliers and customers, he secures the domain name “[email protected]”, for example.

In connection with an e-mail package, he can now assign individual e-mail addresses, for example:

It is always worth creating an [email protected] e-mail address, as this has established itself over time as the usual contact for general topics.

In this way, customers can already recognize the e-mails from their company from the sender.

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