Create a workflow that deploys a web app to Azure

In this exercise you use GitHub Learning Lab to create a GitHub repository for the exercise, trigger a CD workflow that deploys a containerized tic-tac-toe game web app to staging and production environments in Microsoft Azure, and automate the creation and deletion of resources on Azure.

Be sure to try out the game after you’ve deployed it!

The GitHub Learning Lab is an integrated experience that’s easy to use. You get feedback and instructions throughout the lab as you work in your GitHub repository.

Here are a few suggestions to make the Learning Lab exercise more enjoyable.

  1. GitHub Learning Lab is installed on your account in the first step of this lab. If you’re asked, be sure to install it on all repositories. This won’t affect the organizations that you’re a member of, just the personal repositories that the lab creates for you.
  2. After the install, you may be returned to the main page. To get back to your lab, just use the button on the bottom of this page.
  3. GitHub will create a repository for you to use. Give permissions to GitHub Learning Lab.
  4. GitHub Learning Lab will set itself as a reviewer on your pull requests so that it can give you the next steps just in time. Sometimes reviewing your pull request will take a few minutes.
  5. When you’re given a link for creating or editing a file or told to open a tab, be sure to open it in another tab in your browser. This way you can come back to the instructions without leaving the file.
  6. Comments and instructions will continue on your pull request or in an issue on your repository.

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