Create Cloud Containers for Reuse

Containers allow you to host Azure Cognitive Services either on-premises or on Azure. If using data in an on-premises SQL Server you can deploy Cognitive Services in containers on the same network. Now your data can stay on your local network and not move to the cloud. Deploying Cognitive Services in a container on-premises will also decrease the latency between the service and your local data. This can dramatically improve performance because internet bandwidth is not involved.

The ability to run Cognitive Services in a container enables different deployment scenarios that can meet a variety of organizational security policies.

Set up services (Azure CLI)

Before you can complete the exercises in this module, you will need to have some core services in place. Run the following commands from the Azure CLI to create the services necessary. It is recommended that you do this in the Azure portal but you can download the Azure CLI locally and run it from your computer as well.


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