What is security incident and event management (SIEM)?

A SIEM system is a tool that an organization uses to collect, analyze, and perform security operations on its computer systems. Those systems can be hardware appliances, applications, or both.

In its simplest form, a SIEM system enables you to:

  • Collect and query logs.
  • Do some form of correlation or anomaly detection.
  • Create alerts and incidents based on your findings.

A SIEM system might offer functionality such as:

  • Log management: The ability to collect, store, and query the log data from resources within your environment.
  • Alerting: A proactive look inside the log data for potential security incidents and anomalies.
  • Visualization: Graphs and dashboards that provide visual insights into your log data.
  • Incident management: The ability to create, update, assign, and investigate incidents that have been identified.
  • Querying data: A rich query language, similar to that for log management, that you can use to query and understand your data.

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