Decode the Coding Interview

Preparing for a coding interview can be overwhelming. You might spend hours (or days!) watching videos, reading books, or scouring message boards to get some idea of what to expect.

decodeOur Decoding the Coding Interview series includes twenty scenarios that are commonly presented at big tech companies including Facebook, Zoom, Amazon Web Services  and Uber. After each project, we’ll show you the types of interview problems you’ll now be able to solve using the techniques you just applied. Today, we’re excited to launch this training in two additional languages:

  • Decoding the Coding Interview in C#
  • Decoding the Coding Interview in Go


These courses are the latest in a series of content pieces we’ve created to help you prepare for coding interviews. Be sure to check out the full Decoding the Coding library including Python, Javascript, Java, and C++:

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Happy learning!