Github search – Context & Using search filters

Context searches are available on certain tabs, such as Issues and Pull requests. These searches are scoped into the current repository and only return results of that type. The benefit to this scoping is that it allows the user interface to expose known type-specific filters, such as authors, labels, projects, and more.

Using the context search is the preferred website option when you’re looking for something in the current repository. In our scenario, this would be a good way to find search results mentioning “sidebar”, which could then be easily refined using the filter dropdowns.

Using search filters

There are an infinite number of ways to search using the complete search syntax . However, most searches only make use of a few common filters. While these are often available from context search dropdowns, it’s sometimes more convenient to type them in directly.

Here are some example filter queries:

Query Explanation
is:open is:issue assignee:@me Open issues assigned to the current user (@me)
is:closed is:pr author:contoso Closed pull requests created by @contoso
is:pr sidebar in:comments Pull requests where “sidebar” is mentioned in the comments
is:open is:issue label:bug -linked:pr Open issues labeled as bugs that do not have a linked pull request

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