What is Cloud Hosting and How Does It Work?

cloud hosting

Cloud Hosting

Cloud yes Cloud services actually mean server clusters, which typically consist of virtual machines. Instead of running your website or application on a single server, the cloud distributes the work across multiples.

Imagine having a computer that you can upgrade or downgrade on-the-fly depending on your needs. In short, cloud hosting services run your website on multiple servers rather than just one.

In cloud hosting, on the one hand, prices are usually quite moderate; they are usually between VPS and Dedicated Hosting. On the other hand, it allows extremely high flexibility and individual adjustments to your needs in terms of processor speed, RAM or storage space. The versatile customization options are the great advantage of cloud over VPS hosting.

It should therefore definitely play a role in your decision. If you don’t really want to use it, VPS is the better and cheaper option for you.

In addition to high performance and high operating load, the extremely minimized downtime is another big plus for cloud hosting. These are virtually eliminated by the distribution to several servers. Although downtime for most hosting options is always very low these days, in some situations even the slightest downtime can mean a loss, especially in the eCommerce business.

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