KeyCDN WordPress Cache Enabler Plugin Updates

Cache Enabler is KeyCDN’s lightweight caching plugin for WordPress that makes websites faster by generating static HTML files. Over the last few months it has gone through a major refactor followed by being nearly completely rewritten. This was done to add enhancements, fix bugs, and improve the overall performance of the plugin itself. The updated code base is cleaner and more efficient. This has allowed many improvements to be made to Cache Enabler and will make adding features in the future much easier than before.

Improving cache clearing, behavior in multisite environments, and increasing compatibility with third party plugins are just some of the changes that were made. Learn more about the WordPress Cache Enabler plugin updates that have been made, or better yet, install the latest version to see for yourself.

Performance & News

Looking to further optimize the performance of your website or application? We’ve written some helpful articles and provide tools to help you with that:

  • Read more about the Cache Enabler plugin updates and install the new version.
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