Reddit Considers Banning Leaders of Protests

Reddit communities have reopened after a protest blackout that resulted in outages across the platform. However, tensions remain high as many community moderators decided to reopen their subreddits due to threats from Reddit against those promoting the blackout. The reopening was seen as a necessary step to avoid being replaced by the company. While some major subreddits like r/music and r/aww are still restricted or private, the platform has experienced significant instability and a lack of content due to the coordinated protest.

The turmoil began when Reddit announced changes that would require developers of certain third-party apps to pay for access to the platform’s systems, which were previously free.


Despite the backlash, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman has shown no signs of backing down. Huffman stated that the company is considering allowing users to vote out the protesting subreddit moderators. He emphasized that the moderators leading the blackout represent a minority and compared them to “landed gentry.” Many Reddit moderators, who are unpaid, have expressed concerns about the platform’s profit-oriented approach and its impact on user experience.

Reddit’s planned changes involve charging for access to the company’s application programming interface (API), a move similar to decisions made by Twitter under Elon Musk, which also began charging for API access. These changes have faced criticism as they could hinder accessibility tools for blind users and mobile moderation tools developed by third-party apps. Christian Selig, the developer behind Apollo, an iOS app that utilizes Reddit’s API, stated that he may not be able to sustain the app if forced to pay for access.

Amidst the ongoing controversy, at least one moderator has announced their resignation, citing a misalignment with the company’s direction. The situation highlights the challenges Reddit faces in balancing its monetization efforts with maintaining a positive user experience and the important role played by volunteer moderators in shaping the platform’s communities.

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