The .XYZ domain name – Are xyz domains recommended?

xyz domain

.XYZ domain name addresses are a popular alternative in recent years to the famous .com, we understand that not everyone can use .com, because their domain is already occupied or because their cost is higher. That’s why the xyz domain alternative encompasses an attractive alternative for your domain names.


Xyz domains are of generic origin included relatively recently, widely used today for its ease of pronouncing, it is short, difficult to forget and universal language, it has become a clear and elegant domain for your web address. Also, xyz domains have proven to be quite commercial and economical even in purchase renewals.

In this article we explain the beginnings of xyz domains, how the positioning of this generic domain works, the advantages and disadvantages presented when using xyz domains in the name of website addresses.

Beginnings of xyz domain

The popularity of xyz domains began when the giant Google wanted to acquire the name of  alphabet with the .com extension, since this was not possible, since this domain was acquired by another world-renowned BMW car company, they resorted to the purchase of ABC accompanied by the xyz domain, since then the authority and popularity of xyz domains has grown. In addition, due to its characteristics of being short, easy to pronounce and adaptable to any product, brand or business that you want to accompany with the xyz extension in your domain name.

The idea of ​​combining the first three letters of the alphabet and the extension domain made up of the last three letters of the alphabet is undoubtedly a creative way in which this domain was formed. Another case where xyz domains gained fame is when the television series Silicon Valley created the fake page as a way to represent Google’s

A very popular theory among Internet users is that the xyz extension was born as the union of generations, X of people who believe that everyone should have access to the internet, the second generation called Y is for those who think that the internet is vital for life. , and the generation called Z who believe that the internet can bring you closer to people and thus create a better world.

SEO for xyz domains

For users interested in SEO and the positioning of a website with the web address of xyz domains, it has the same positioning process as any other domain, even if it is a .com, the possibilities of being positioned in the first places of a search engine search are the same as other web addresses.

A large part of domain names with xyz have managed to position themselves in the first search places, and in a greater percentage those web addresses integrated with keywords or keywords. On the other hand, the prices to acquire xyz domains have a difference of up to 70% lower than other generic domains, this is due to the low demand in the purchase of these domains, the search to generate popularity and make them more demanded.

Advantages of using xyz domains

The advantages of using xyz in the address of your website are the following:

  • They are easy to remember as they are the final three letters of the alphabet.
  • It is a relatively new domain extension compared to other more commercial domains.
  • It has a wide variety of free domain names with keywords or keywords with the xyz extension.
  • The xyz domains are sold at very cheap prices, they are perfect for those who have little budget to create their website, with best web hosting company in 2022 .
  • Companies as important as Google have the xyz domain to include their products and report on their movements as a company.

Disadvantages of using xyz domains

Not all are advantages in the use of domain xyz, we also have some weaknesses that can be overcome.

  • Trust levels for xyz domains are still low because they are relatively new to the web address market.
  • They are not taken as domains of authority, so they still have a long way to go to consolidate.
  • Due to the fame of xyz pages created for scams or anything else like that, they are taken as spam when you post on Facebook.


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