GoDaddy Ultimate Hosting Package Review – My Personal Experiences (2021)

Some personal experiences from my week long search for a new host. GoDaddy Ultimate package was my first host. Sadly even with their higher level shared hosting my site speed was enough to make customers leave.
So I tried Siteground. Really good speed. Nice backend with a cpanel clone and good optimization plugin, similar to WP Rocket I think.

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Package Review

Sadly there are a few issues that they could not address. If you want to use the integrated Cloudflare option they offer, you are forced to use WWW URLs. Fine if that’s how you like it but I spent years and money on my branding so that was not an option. Setting up your own non Integrated Cloudflare requires you to set up the name servers/dns with cloudflare so it does become rather complicated. Pity…

Then I went to cloudways, More expensive but more customisable. The backend is not cpanel looking and you do need to know a few old school tricks, like what FTP means. But ultimately it has its own CDN built in (not free) and also cache so pretty good all round.

In the end because of the www issue, I had to go with cloudways, but bottom line is that either of the two are lightyears faster than GoDadday’s Ultimate shared WordPress hosting.

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  1. Your www issue is not Siteground related. The only way to have not www cloudflare enabled is having cloudflare managing your dns records. Not that hard as it will copy your existing dns records with 1 click.
    Anyway, Siteground is by far better than GoDaddy, but also by far not the best host.

    1. correct. I have all my DNS for a fair few URLs with GoDaddy. Not keen on switching just yet. Hence I said it got complicated.

  2. Curious on your apprehensions on switching to Cloudflare?
    The free plan is talked about as negatively affecting seo but can be turned off and pointed at another cloudflare plan even with your dns there.

    1. i am not scared of it. I think you may have misunderstood. My apprehension was having to use WWW URLs for a site that since 2014 never had them

  3. After hearing all th good things about cloudways I tried switching a site there. So far I have had problems and not much help from the live chat. Login problems to WP from the bot detection and other problems. Not any faster – actually slowed my site but I can’t get in to configure the plugins and the SiteGround speed/caching plugins went with them when i switched. My biggest problem has been service so far. Live chat sends a bunch of links for me to reference to fix things. Spent a week trying to get it all set up

    1. Am a bit tied up at the moment so cannot help but I had a very smooth transition. If you can wait until next week I may be able to assist

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