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Welcome back to this edition of the Replit post! In this edition:

  • Build your own Replit
  • The July Changelog
  • Our summer hackathon!
  • How to build an alexa skill
  • Goodbye and emails

BTW, Replit is searching for engineers and business folks from all backgrounds! If you’re looking for work, you can view our career listings here!

Oh, and if you’re curious, the language used in this newsletter is… CoffeeScript.

Replit has so many use cases and features, one that’s less known is its ability to be a secure compute environment for specialized apps. This means you can use Replit to create a specialized IDE, or maybe a Continuous Integration service with automated tests! In a recent blogpost, our one and only Guillaume St-Pierre documents how you can go about creating the backend and frontend for this type of service, and how you can utilize certain Repl features like Nix to make it even easier. To learn more, you can read their fantastic blog post here.

console.log changelog

During the month of July Replit saw a ton of great improvements! These include:

  • Multiplayer presence is more felt
  • 11% of languages use Nix
  • Brand new fancy status page
  • .draw files can be embedded as images in markdown files
  • Stronger password requirements
  • ncreased repl description length
  • Bug fixes and many more!

If you have feedback or would like to see a more detailed explanation of some of these changes, you can find the original changelog here.

In case you missed it, Replit is having a summer hackathon! You have until August 31st at 11:59 PM PST to build an Alexa skill! The only criteria contestants will be judged on is how useful and applicable their skill is. The more creative you can be with that, the better! All you need to do is create an Alexa skill, and host it on Replit. Then you can submit your skill here, for a chance to win $3,000! Not sure where to get started? You can learn more about the hackathon here. If you don’t know how to build an Alexa skill, then keep reading…


Alexa, and all voice controlled assistants, are full of really cool technology. While creating a voice controlled AI may seem daunting, creating a skill for one is not! In Søren Rood’s tutorial, he goes over building an Alexa skill, and how to add your skill to your device! If you’ve got an Alexa, you could build a skill for free right now! You can find the tutorial and repl template here.


Thanks for reading this week’s edition of the Replit post! I hope you found it interesting and are planning on participating in the summer hackathon! Before you go, I must apologize to all our Gmail, iOS 14 dark theme readers out there. I tried to fix the colors but so far, this is the best I could do. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you should read our blog post on why emails are the wild west of the internet. Thanks once again and I can’t wait to see you next post!

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